Meet the Team



Professor Maria Luskay and Professor Lou Guarneri are our leaders on this project and their past experience working on these award-winning documentaries speaks for itself.

Professor Luskay is an Award-Winning Documentary Producer | Freelance Writer/Producer/Director | On-Camera Spokesperson/Host | Voice-Over Narrator and Academician with extensive experience in teaching, scholarly research, course and program development, media production, publishing, editing, writing, forensic consulting, and corporate communications. She has been leading this class since its inception and has been instrumental in the education of students who became exceptional working members of the film industry and marketing industry. 

Professor Guarneri was actually a student in this class in Portugal in 2012. After graduating and working at A&E Networks in post production, he went on to work as an associate producer for the History Channel. On the side, he continued to work on a variety of independent projects, including short films, sketch comedy, documentaries, weddings, music videos, podcasts, and more. He has always remained close to Pace. After teaching adjunct for several years, he became a full-time professor and now teaches filmmaking in the MCVA department.


Our crew this semester are a mix of undergraduate and graduate students taking classes in Pace’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. They are taking part in all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production including writing, editing, filming, and social media marketing. This year our crew includes: Jackson Blackburn, Dennis Bogdanowicz, Kat Brennan, Wes Brown, Kaycee Cuzick, Eric Ducos, Derrick Edafe, Robert Gehman, Scott Glover, Rachel Hutchings, Lilah McCormack, Lorenzo Osorio, Donovann Smit, Nathan Spano, Fiona Torres Moino, and Aryeh Williams. They are excited for this opportunity to showcase their filmmaking skills and learn about all aspects of the process.

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