As we approach the final days before the documentary premiere, our efforts to market the film to the public have been at an all-time high. Members of our team took it upon themselves to design a poster and trailer portraying the essence of the film; to captivate viewers and bring them to watch. Balancing the right components to build hype and capture attention through a trailer, but not revealing too much information, can be challenging.

The dynamic duo of Lilah McCormack and Kat Brennan spearheaded the design for the poster; curating the color, sizing, and font. Their work was officialized and immortalized in the hallways of Pace’s Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department, and even the Spanish version of the poster will be displayed in Montilla. Their efforts extended to the trailer, where Derrick Onoriode Edafe joined the two in synthesizing the best shots from the trip with our conducted interviews and exclusive music from Primitivo; teasing the cooper’s story in short form.

Although a trailer is shorter than the project advertised, it has to be just as intriguing in the limited time constraints. Typically a minute to a minute and a half, trailers require visual and audio strategies to invoke the viewers’ senses. During the editing process, we were fortunate to have Rafael Cabello Jr., Cooper of the Year from Casknolia, come to the Pleasantville Campus. He bonded with our team, shot an introduction, and recorded a voiceover for the final version of the project. His introduction at the start of the trailer allows the audience to meet a key component of our story.

Then, the team strategically wrote for the audience by putting the definition of a cooper as it would be in a dictionary. As not many people know what a cooper is, it is important to know your audience’s needs to understand the content. Our trailer team beautifully arranged a variety of slow-motion shots with fire, landscape and geographic pans, and stills along with our music, natural sound, and our best voice-overs that tell of two large themes: area and tradition. They were tweaked to perfection with color correction, smooth cuts, and constant power to sweeten and level the audio.

With a run time of 1 minute and 28 seconds, the trailer prepares our audience’s palate to taste the rich tradition in wine and cask-making present in the Andalusia region. The trailer posted on our Instagram boasts as one of PaceDocs’ most viewed reels.

We are a little more than 1 week away from the premiere. Tickets are now live for the premiere of The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask.  Tickets are available online through The Jacob Burns Film Center or with Eventbrite.

Use the promo code PACEDOCS24 now for your free tickets.

The premiere will feature a mix-and-mingle event with the PaceDocs team at Jacob Burns’ NEW Take 3 Wine Bar and Cafe before the initial viewing. After the showing, a special Q&A session with the crew will be available for all attendees to partake in.

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