We are thrilled to announce that The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask will be premiering at Teatro Garnelo Theatre in Montilla, Spain on May 13th!

Teatro Garnelo is a historical theatre built in 1917 and is located in Montilla where PaceDocs students traveled to film the documentary. It is home to many of the arts, including music, theatre, and dance.

Next month, Teatro Garnelo will welcome our documentary to the big screen. This is the first time in PaceDocs history that our film will be premiering internationally!

So, how did we get so lucky to have two premieres? During a walking tour of the city of Málaga, Dr. Maria Luskay spoke with our tour guide, Adrian, about the possibility of premiering the documentary in Montilla.

After further discussion with Isa Calvache, who you may remember from our blog posts during the trip and the representative agent of Montilla-Moriles Wine Route, she reached out to City Hall. “They loved the idea,” said Luskay, who will be making an appearance back in Spain on the day of the premiere.

And what could be better than a second premiere? “Primitivo is going to put it on the local TV station…” Luskay included. Our musician, Primitivo J. Buendia Pico, will play a generous role in expanding our audience throughout the region.

The PaceDocs crew could not be more excited. Our hard work and dedication will be reaching a wider audience than we first anticipated, making the stakes high for our documentary debut in Spain.

But we are not out of the barrel yet!

Today was the big tech check for the documentary. After going through numerous pages of notes in the editing room last night, we headed to Jacob Burns Film Center this morning to see how our film will look when it premieres on the big screen in just 6 days. Of course, we left with lots more notes for the soon-to-come final cut.

Stayed tuned on our socials as we anticipate the debut of The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask both in New York and in Montilla!