Our colony is a BUZZ with excitement because today was the first official, face to face meeting with the entire crew! So, the focus for this documentary will be about Urban Beekeeping and raising awareness around the critical role this little creature has in our lives. However, this meeting was focused on getting to know everyone and filling positions, mundane yet critical. Here Team Leaders were picked, the Media Manager was chosen, and the Equipment Manager prepped for the job. 

But, back to the bees! Last year on April 15th, Notre Dame Cathedral, located in Paris, caught fire and was almost destroyed. However, the roof was used to store several hives that pollinated the surrounding areas. Fearing the worst, the head beekeeper Sibyle Moulin, checked on the bees and discovered that the smoke had prevented them from fleeing into the fire, as smoke causes bees to hibernate. This caught the attention of the world, and also PaceDocs, and now we bid you to also Bee Aware! Seriously, bees account for 1/3 of all our food sources, if they go they are taking us with them, more on that in the next post!

Do you or someone you know keep bees? We want to hear your story! Pace University’s Pace Docs crew is in the process of producing a documentary about Urban Beekeeping, the latest in a series of award-winning environmentally and culturally relevant documentaries from our department. Contact us at paceudocs@gmail.com. And follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok for more content!