In just three days, the PaceDocs team will buckle up and take off to France! We are leaving the pre-production phase behind and jumping into the exciting production process. This past Tuesday, the team had our last class before the journey overseas. We spent the majority of the time ironing out last-minute logistics.

Professor Luskay and Professor Guarneri double-checked which students are bringing which pieces of equipment on the trip from Pace University to France. Additionally, the class discussed how to pack the NX80 camera bags and talked through our file naming strategy so we can streamline our editing process when we get back. Overall, we’re in a good place!

Before we leave, I wanted to check in with some of my classmates about how they’re feeling.

Our blog co-editor and Digital Journalism major, Katerina Plescia, shared, “I’m definitely excited and anxious to get started! I think this will be such an incredible experience, not only in the traveling aspect but working with such a talented team. We all have so much to offer and a wide variety of skills, I’m looking forward to seeing how everything comes together.” 

Adam Ng, a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major and PaceDocs veteran, noted “…as we get ready to embark on this journey, I’m feeling excited to immerse myself in another culture, [but] a little nervous navigating an unknown place”.

Adam has previously worked on PaceDoc’s last filming venture, Tide to Table. “Although there are nerves involved, I’m confident our team will be able to achieve all that and more”, Adam stated.

Graduate student, Neath Williams, said, “I feel confident that we are all incredibly excited to embark on this journey! However, with anything new or unknown there are always a few nerves”. 

Williams adds, “[the trip will be a] valuable learning experience…[I’m] confident in our instructor’s skills and experiences to guide us in our journey… Not only the creative talents [of team members]…but also the planning, coordinating, and “get it done” attitude shared by everyone”. 

We are all prepared and eager to hit the ground running once we land at Charles-de-Gaulle airport!

The PaceDocs team will be taking over social media throughout the duration of the trip. Check out the blog for new posts daily! To follow along on our journey in real-time, follow us @PaceDocs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We can’t wait to share this documentary with you all! Hope you’re hungry!