As the team ate their way through France, we’ve come to recognize a common denominator amongst the farms, gardens, and restaurants we visited.

Each local establishment that we entered welcomed us with open arms. The crew had the unbelievable opportunity to get behind-the-scenes footage of exclusive markets, hole-in-the-wall bakeries, and highly regarded Parisian restaurants.

For our last day in France, a small crew journeyed to the heart of Paris for a unique organic market and an expedition to the city’s best-hidden dives. Led by Chef Roland De Saint Blancard, the team was able to capture market-goers who purchased fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and seafood.

We, additionally, were able to interview a handful of vendors who indulged the students in the background of how the products are raised or grown.

“You have to look and taste the ingredients before cooking”, Chef Roland notes. For a chef to really understand the product they are working with, using the senses to taste, smell, and see will bring about inspiration.

Keep it simple. Nearly every chef that the crew spoke to preached the same motto. Simple ingredients combined with a simple recipe will give you a fantastically flavorful and elegant dish.

These dishes would not be as incredible as they were without the hidden addition of passion. Similar to our other interviewees, Chef Roland dedicated his love for the craft to his mother and grandmother. As a child, he grew up in the kitchen, surrounded by family, cooking meals together and making memories.

When the team ventured across the pond for their filming journey, the true story of the documentary was still up in the air. However, with every excursion and experience, our narrative of “For the Love of Food” became clear. What we eat, the recipes we pass down, and the meals we share are the root behind all great food.

Chef Roland put it perfectly, closing out his final interview by stating, “What’s better to reunite everyone than food?”

As the PaceDocs team boards our flights back to the Big Apple, we are ready and tapped in to move into the post-production phase.

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Au Revoir!