The Pace Docs crew got down to business this week as major planning and editing moves were made.

On Tuesday night, the crew was joined by Dr.Luskay along with Professor Guarneri to discuss the layout of the documentary. All of the interviews, b-roll, drone footage, and amazing sound bites now must be wrangled into a compelling and concise narrative.

Utilizing every whiteboard and writing area available, the team got to work dissecting the audio files for golden sound clips and separating their material into 3 acts. To move quickly and proactively, the class spilt up into groups for acts 1, 2, and 3 along with a section dedicated to writing the voice-over lines. Professor Guarneri composed an excel timesheet for lab log-in times for the groups to pick dedicated editing hours.

The slow food movement is slowly taking over the world one delicious dish at a time. For six days, the Pace Docs team explored France, trying its unique cuisine and learning about its take on the farm-to-table movement.

However, a majority of us won’t be hopping on a plane anytime soon to see this trend firsthand. A small crew gathered on Wednesday morning to give audiences a glimpse into the slow food happenings right in our own backyard.

The team’s first location of the day was at Fable: From Farm to Table, a farm in Ossining, New York. The agricultural hub’s owner, Tom, guided the team around the grounds and explained the importance of using organic and natural products. His inspiration for the lifestyle lies within his family, wanting to provide them with good, clean food that will keep them healthy.

Noticing that the farm-to-table movement was sparse in Westchester county, Tom decided to open Fable to grant consumers the opportunity to enjoy fresh products and produce along with a pleasant dining experience.

Cristina Figueroa commented that “It’s really nice to see the dedication to this way of life here in the US as well!”

Fable, additionally, has an established market where its customers can purchase Fable-made and other locally sourced products!

About 13 miles down the Taconic State Parkway lies another farm-to-table sensation in Tarrytown, New York. RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen is a renowned restaurant that uses fresh ingredients straight from neighboring farms. Though participating in the farm-to-table movement can be pricey in the states, RiverMarket proves that the cost is well worth it with its incredible quality dishes.

The crew was taken aback when they spotted a familiar face upon their arrival. Glenn Vogt owns and operates RiverMarket and is dedicated to providing his clients with an authentic farm-to-table dining experience.

However, Pace Documentary fans might recognize Glenn from Crabtree’s Kittle House, which was featured back in the 2012 documentary about the unseen aspects of the cork industry, “Battle Behind the Bottle“. A fun fact for fans is that Professor Guarneri was one of the students shooting that interview!

Glenn reunited with the Pace Docs crew to shoot his second interview with the program, this time for “For the Love of Food”.

He spoke with the team members about why ingredients tend to be more expensive stateside. In the United States, the government subsidizes larger, corporate farms. This means that those products will be noticeably cheaper. Rather than taking a more financially friendly route, Glenn puts his customer’s palates first. Similar to many of the chefs we met in France, he is passionate about delivering high-quality dishes that are composed of clean ingredients.

Before leaving RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen, Sean Rorke noted, “It was really interesting to see farm-to-table in practice in the United States and learn about why it is less common here.”

The day was deemed an overall success! The “For the Love of Food” narrative puzzle has finally been completed as all acts have been set in place after an inspirational day of shooting on Wednesday.

Dr.Luskay was thrilled over the results of a good day’s work, stating, “We had two amazing interviews to help us bring the story full circle. We were able to see the role that farm-to-table plays back home.”

The crew is now in crunch time, preparing for a rough cut to be completed by April 18th.

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