As students rush into finals, Pace Docs braces for the FIRST premiere. This Thursday, May 2nd, at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask will debut in front of a theatrical audience for the first time. What a ride it’s been to get here!

Last Thursday, the 25th, a rough cut of the documentary was presented to the class for review. Everyone was encouraged to watch closely, leave notes, comments and suggestions which would then be reviewed in the editing room for a late night export. Then bright and early at 10 AM on Friday, a handful of the crew’s hardest working students gathered at Jacob Burns to preview the cut of the film in-theater for final notations. Seeing it up on the big screen, they had a lot share about the experience, and plenty of notes to take back to the editing room for last-minute revisions.

Prof. Guarneri’s tech check selfie with the crew at Jacob Burns.

“I was focusing on the Spanish captions and that what they were saying matched the whole time, while N was focusing on the lower thirds speed and how they looked, Kat was looking at color, and of course Lou and Wes were doing audio, color, everything. But of course, we were all looking at something attentively. We all saw it in the big screen for the first time. It was a little emotional for me because we created something really beautiful. We also saw the intro a couple of times. And overall everything looked great. Everyone had either a laptop or a notebook and we were all taking notes.”

– Fiona Torres Moino

“We watched it. We cried. We edited for 12 hours straight. You know, about what you’d expect.”

“It was cool to see it up on the big screen before like actually seeing it on Thursday and we picked up a lot of little things we couldn’t notice on the computer in the doc room on the big screen. The tech check was a really big like milestone. It made everything feel so much more real in a cool way.”

– Kat Brennan

We’re approaching the home stretch. Although emotions are high, spirits are strong. While the bulk of post-production is behind us now, premieres, festivals, and press releases still await us in the near future. The work doesn’t end when the semester does.

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As always, stayed tuned in on our socials as we anticipate the debut of The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask, premiering both in New York and Montilla this spring!