Just like bees at the beginning of spring, PaceDocs is back from winter break and ready to continue post-production work on Plan Bee. We had hoped to get back together in person and finish editing, but with Covid-19 that is not going to happen anytime soon. So we officially met virtually last Monday on Discord where we discussed the final plans for the documentary. While most of us are still at home for the semester, we plan to continue meeting virtually to meet our premiere date on April 22nd, Earth Day.

As we pick up from last semester, we continue our work on perfecting the documentary. In the picture above you can see all of us looking through clips on Discord as the editor pieces them together. This picture is actually from the editing session today. So as you read this, we are actively continuing our work. Last semester in these Discord calls, we would meet frequently to put together a story by building sequences from the multiple filming crews we had in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and New England. Through those sequences we began to edit together all the clips into a rough cut. During the meeting last Monday, the PaceDocs crew watched the entire rough cut. As of this point none of the teams actually saw all the sequences put together, so this was a big moment for us. After watching the rough cut, Dr. Luskay and the entire crew discussed what final touches were needed to finish the documentary for the virtual premiere.

PaceDocs’ crew is ready to complete what needs to be done. We have multiple tasks ahead of us like finalizing editing, audio sweetening, adding graphics, looking through all of our shots to make sure we did not miss anything, and finally to get the documentary fact checked by our professionals. With all these final touches, we are dedicated to see the project through.

It is crazy to look back where we started. One year ago we all thought that we would be going to France to film and have the premiere in May of 2020. Covid-19 had different plans for all of us. We continued our work and focused on the Northeast beekeeping. We filmed all we could in multiple different states and worked from home to edit together the rough cut of the documentary. And as we continue to put in the final touches on our documentary, we are still the dedicated crew of Pace undergraduate and graduate students that meet in January 2020. We are so excited to finally show everyone the final cut of Plan Bee on our virtual premiere on April 22nd. You can say that we are buzzing with enthusiasm.