Throughout the last few months, the students at Pace Docs have been working tirelessly in editing the documentary and through hard work and determination we have finally finished editing the documentary into a fine cut. The story and graphics have all been put together and now we enter the final stages in post-production. To finish these critical final stages, we are moving all the files to the final editing computer at Pace University in Pleasantville.

By moving all the files to one computer, students can work together to put the final touches with audio, music, and color correction. Audio is incredibly important to any film and we have to make sure everything is perfect for audience members. These audio sweetening teams will make sure that every single piece of audio will sound perfect and all match up with each other in levels. This also includes music which we are excited about because one of very own members have written and composed most of the music that you will hear in the documentary. With the music, we will make sure that each track flows seamlessly with the story that we are trying to portray. Finally we will also be color correcting each shot to make sure that the documentary has a continuous color. Color correcting also helps by correcting shots that we could not possibly use in the documentary without the edits. By working together in small teams on one single computer, we can correctly finish all these final stages.

Another important step in the process to any documentary is getting everything fact checked by a professional in the field. In this way, we can make sure that everything that we say is correct and won’t cause any other problems with other professionals. To finish this task, we sent certified master beekeeper Frank Mortimer the fine cut to fact check it. Frank is an adjunct instructor at Cornell University Master Beekeeping Program, Vice President of the New Jersey State Beekeeping Association, and the author of an upcoming book Bee People and the Bugs They Love. He also plays a part in our documentary and is one of the many beekeepers that we interviewed. So Frank definitely knows what he is talking about and his critiques have definitely been taken into account for the final film.  

With the start of these final stages, we are on track with the premiere on Earth Day April 22nd. We are excited to put these final touches on the documentary and finally to be able to show all the hard work that we have completed in this documentary. Plan Bee might have been our “Plan B” but it has turned into a project that all of us on Pace Docs cares about and we are excited for the final premier where we can show everyone.