We had an incredible premiere of the Bee Aware documentary on Earth Day and it is now streaming on YouTube. We had an amazing turn out and we just want to thank you all who attended and learned about the role bees play in our food supply and the challenges that bees face daily. We also had a great Q&A session on Zoom with the crew of PaceDocs answering many questions from the audience.

During the Q&A the Pace Crew was introduced by Marvin Krislov, the president of Pace University, and Tresmaine Grime, dean of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education. 

“The PaceDocs team, under the guidance of Professor Maria Luskay, always does remarkable work,” said Marvin Krislov. “This year, they did something extraordinary, persevering through a pandemic to create a truly inspiring, thought-provoking, and poignant documentary. ‘Bee Aware’ is a wonderful example of Pace students’ commitment to hard work, hands-on education, and environmental conservation. I couldn’t be prouder of this group of young filmmakers.”

 “Every year, Dyson College’s student filmmakers travel abroad to produce a documentary that shines a light on an important issue, educating us all,” said Tresmaine Grimes. “I am so very proud of this year’s team, as they not only produced a compelling, informative film, but also rose to overcome the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. Congratulations to them and Professors Luskay and Guarneri for another stellar PaceDocs production.”

The crew of Pace Docs would just like to thank President Krislov and Dean Grimes for coming to the premiere and introducing us at the Q&A.

With the successful premiere of the documentary, we still have tons of work ahead of us. We sent press releases to tons of media outlets to promote Bee Aware. In these articles, many of the crew were interviewed to talk about our experiences about making the documentary during the Covid-19 pandemic. We already have some articles published by some newspapers. Some of the newspapers that wrote about us include Westport News, NorthJersy.com, and Patch.com. So BEE AWARE of future articles from your local newspapers about our experiences with the Bee Aware documentary.

We also have another exciting announcement about sharing our experience with the documentary. This weekend the Pacedocs team released a behind-the-scenes feature that goes over the entire process that the crew went through making the  documentary. There are some amazing excerpts from students and many great shots of us behind the camera. We definitely have great content that we haven’t shown yet and we are excited to show everyone a little taste of all of our hard work. So if you want to see some great behind-the-scenes footage of Bee Aware on YouTube.

Now that the premiere has passed, we can reflect about our experience with the documentary. It may have not been the documentary that we have planned at first but we definitely have put our hearts and souls into Plan BEE. As we move past this experience, the memories of Bee Aware will live on with us forever as we all go into the busy working world.

 We hope that all of you have enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it.