Early this morning, the PaceDoc team landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. After a long seven-hour flight, Professor Luskay gathered us together and we began the next leg of our journey on a bus to Laon. Although the trip was tiring, as the bus made its way through the beautiful countryside, the jet lag did not stop the team’s excited energy.

Once we arrived at our hotel, napping was the last thing on students’ minds. Eager to begin our documentary adventure, the team ventured to the Medieval Historical Town of Laon. During an audiovisual tour, the team shot captivating b-roll footage at breathtaking stops such as the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Laon, the Museum and Chapel of the Knights Templar, and the Citadel.

The nearly five-and-a-half mile walk ended back at the Secrets Sous la Ville. The staff indulged the team with various local products from the region like meats, cheeses, and beverages. As the team tested out the local delicacies, we learned about their origins and their contents. After the tasting, the generous staff at Secrets Sous la Ville gifted us with a basket filled with the products we tried.

Before we boarded the bus back to the hotel, the team ended the day with a 270-step climb to the top of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Laon. The sights were unforgettable and the team captured memorable shots and photos from above.

Communications and Digital Media student, Allison Bloom, admitted she was nervous at first about the climb, however, said, “…I was really proud of myself when I reached the top. I knew that if I didn’t go, I would’ve regretted it”.

Tomorrow, the team has a jam-packed day of filming. The day will begin bright and early at the La Fontaine d’Orion farm, then the team will take a quick trip over to Jardins d’Helene to learn about wild herbs and plants, before finishing the day at the goat farm La Chevrerie de Bruyeres.

Sean Rorke said, “I’m looking forward to the team getting the rest we need after our insane travel day to prepare for a successful day of filming tomorrow!”

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