“During your visit, you want to be travelers, not tourists.”

The PaceDocs crew was advised of this during one of their last Zoom meetings. However, today was our first day in Paris, and the team channeled their inner sightseer.

Loading the cameras and tripods onto a tour bus, the team was given an exclusive excursion through the city where we saw all of the major Parisian landmarks. Students were capturing incredible b-roll shots of destinations such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, Opera House, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Our final stop was at the Seine for a river tour. Though the weather was a bit overcast and the chilly wind scared most riders inside, the team remained on the roof to film gorgeous shots of the passing landscape.

After a non-stop week in Laon, the crew had a moment to take in the French experience and explore the city. Small groups broke off and had the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower lit up at night and wander the streets of Paris.

Professor Luskay brought invited one of the groups to a special dinner with a Parisian chef at a nearby restaurant. During their visit, the students were able to take a peak into a 3-star kitchen, conduct an interview, and have a taste of the delicious cuisine.

The other groups had a very similar dining experience. For a bit of a cheaper price, the team visited a restaurant with a bright, happy atmosphere, amazing customer service, and tasty food. Sitting under the golden arches, the students enjoyed a memorable dinner at McDonald’s.

Although the day was full of cheesy tourist pictures, the PaceDocs crew had an unforgettable day in Paris.

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