Although the PaceDocs crew made it back to the states safely, their farm-to-table journey is far from over. With the documentary premiere date set at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville on May 8th, all systems are a go for the next seven weeks.

Before venturing across the pond for our filming expedition, the team was unclear as to what the foundation of their narrative will center on. Though the overall motif will focus on the slow food movement and farm-to-table living, we needed to discover the core fundamentals. 

What makes this movement so popular? Why is France such a hub for clean eating? What do all of these strangers have in common? 

For those six days, the crew traveled all around Laon and Paris, France, feeding baby goats, visiting cereal farms, tasting incredible champagne, and walking around local markets. After each encounter, the puzzle pieces began to fall into place. 

Heritage, passion, simplicity, and family. The magic words were found in nearly every interview that the team conducted whilst abroad.

Now working at home at Pace University again, we dug through endless audio files searching for those golden sound clips. The team listened to every interview, more than once, to pick out the missing pieces to our growing story. 

Our amazing A team: Brittany, Adam, and Wes, pulled lengthy work hours in the media lab to send the finished files over to the team. Once the files were set in place, the crew broke up into teams to review and highlight. Thanks to our resident French student, Elizabeth, all foreign language files were taken under her wing. 

With the audio files completed and the story in the works, the team continues to endlessly work to make this documentary the best it can be. The class with gather in person on Tuesday night with a special in-person appearance from Dr. Luskay! 

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Seven weeks left until the premiere…Stay tuned and don’t fade out!