What’s the recipe for the PaceDoc documentary: “For the Love of Food”?

  • 15 team members
  • 2 professors
  • 6 days in France
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Too much NX80 footage to count

How long will this take to cook?

According to Dr. Luskay, “We have two weeks!”

The editing cave of Wilcox 34B has been lit up nearly every waking hour of the day as we continue to chef up PaceDoc’s next great documentary. The team has begun dividing into small groups and going in shifts to work on their assigned acts. No surface is left untouched, with the walls, whiteboards, and desks covered in Post-it notes, interview transcripts, and a plethora of ideas.

In eleven days, the crew must produce a rough-cut version of the documentary before its final release on May 8th. This means the new motto for the class is “divide and conquer” as there are a million details that still need to be taken care of.

Jumping off of Wes Brown’s unique idea for a title sequence, half of the class worked endlessly in the TV studio of Wilcox. The students were determined to remain true to the theme of the documentary and the slow food movement itself: fresh. Utilizing an abundance of teamwork and communication, the finished product looks good enough to eat.

The remaining crew members were locked into Adobe Premiere upstairs. As one person drove, the other passengers stayed alert with critiques and potential ideas. A single interview would play on a loop as the team listened intently to pull any golden sound bites that related to other interactions.

Aside from all of the editing chaos, the class hosted a special guest during their Tuesday night meeting. Pace University Lubin School of Business alum Shant Mardirossian popped in to see firsthand the hard work and dedication that goes into making a PaceDocs film. The alum is no stranger to the film industry, although he does have an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Investment Management, as he has been a part of a massive production as well. Mardirossian is a proud member of the Near East Foundation and was a member of the team that produced the documentary, “They Shall Not Perish: The Story of the Near East Relief” in 2016. The documentary is a heartening story of the NER’s experience in aiding victims of the Armenian genocide. 

In honor of inspiring the next generation of filmmakers at Pace University, Mardirossian pledged a scholarship fund for future students. The  Shant and Christine Mardirossian Student Filmmaker Support Fund will provide incoming students aid to be a part of a future PaceDocs venture. The MCVA program is extremely grateful for Mardirossian’s generous act. 

The light in Wilcox 34B will be kept on throughout the holiday weekend while the team continues to get down to work.

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