Quality control was the key ingredient in PaceDoc’s weekly meeting. All computers were fired up and ready to serve the trailer of “For the Love of Food”.

Masterminding a successful and thoughtful sneak peek whilst not giving away the entire narrative was the team’s main goal. Spearheaded by Angie, the crew got to work selecting the proper clips and audio that would blend into the perfect appetizer for our audience. Every team member took part in reviewing the trailer to ensure top-notch quality. The trailer sets the stage for our farm-to-table newcomers, allowing them to glimpse into the world of the slow food movement and take a trip to France.



With only 20 days until the documentary premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center, there was no time to waste once the trailer was posted on YouTube.

In the depths of the first floor of Willcox Hall, a few crew members set up camp. The opening sequence is one of the most important aspects of the film, we want to grab our audience’s attention by the first bite. To accomplish this, the team transports the viewers to the rolling fields and earthy farms of Laon, France. These shots will set the tone for the entire documentary, letting our guests settle in and enjoy a journey through the incredible cuisine of France.

The remaining team members, along with Dr. Luskay and Professor Guarneri, huddled into the editing room of 34B to dissect each act. The rough version of the film was presented today in class, which meant it is time to take the next steps toward completion. The documentary is, essentially, spread out on the table and cut into piece by piece. Every farm landscape, Parisian restaurant, dinner plate, and cow is carefully analyzed and lined up with the conjoining audio.

As the deadline for a final cut continues to get closer, the PaceDocs team is fully tapped in and ready to tackle any obstacle that comes their way.

Keep up with our editing journey on social media and check out the “For the Love of Food” trailer on YouTube!