As communications majors, we play a crucial role in forging the ties that will broaden the awareness of the documentary throughout various audiences. 

Our very own Fiona Torres Moino did just that. Before we even touched down in Spain, Torres Moino was hard at work reaching out to musicians who could provide the melody that would bring the story of our documentary together. 

“I wanted to find real local authentic people in the area,” said Torres Moino. 

We met with Primitivo J. Buendía Picó, a classic piano flamenco composer, who is a part of the Montilla Conservatory. Torres Moino discovered Buendía Picó through Daniel Fernandez who came to the Conservatorio Elemental De Música to teach as well.

“I DM’ed him a very long text explaining what we were gonna do and what we needed and if he wanted to participate or knew anyone who wanted to participate,” Torres Moino said in regards to Fernandez. “He told me he would put me in contact with the people in the conservatory and he would recommend somebody to me.” 

Torres Moino reached out through a search on the Montilla location that was tagged on Instagram. From there, she was linked with Fernandez, who connected PaceDocs to Primitivo J. Buendía Picó

Today, Buendía Picó met us at Don Ramiro Hotel where we discussed the endless possibilities of utilizing his brilliant arrangement of melodies that are authentic to the Montilla area.

We are incredibly lucky that he was willing to arrange music that would perfectly align with the story that our documentary will tell.  “[He said] It would be amazing to use flamenco music on a documentary in Spain especially in Andalucía region,”

Torres Moino explained that Buendía Picó composed many flamenco pieces. “Flamenco is typical of Andalucía and its special very old ancient music genre proper of Andalucía.” Torres Moino said. 

Torres Moino’s impeccable translation aided in the communication between Pace Docs which led to an impactful discussion of relationships in Spain that the composer held within TV stations and other partnerships in the area.  

The most major aspect of producing the documentary is being social. As well as communicating with people that will enhance the awareness of the work that our crew is doing abroad. The links that we make along the way greatly contribute to the success and influence that our work has on not only the United States, but the entire area we contribute our work to as well.

Our meeting with Buendía Picó was a significant push in our post-production work. We are very appreciative of the dedication and enthusiasm that the composer and our crew member Torres Moino had in contributing to the music that brings the essence of our documentary to light. 

Music is an essential structure that provides our documentary with an authentic soul. It provides us with the vital emotion that brings the story of the coopers together.

PaceDocs gives a huge thank you to Primitivo J. Buendía Picó for taking the time to contribute to our project with his beautiful music and essential connections in the Montilla area. PaceDocs crew member Fiona Torres Moino was also a huge help in connecting with composers who would provide an authentic take on the music we will use in our documentary production. 

Stay tuned to our socials to hear more about the progression of our story and the music that will bring it to life!