“It’s really another lifestyle…why did you choose to [do] this work?”

Chef Roland posed this question to the PaceDocs crew on their last day in Paris. He was explaining the rigorous lives of Parisian chefs and the dedication it takes to provide a memorable and quality experience for customers.

Though the PaceDocs team members are not Michelin Star chefs, the crew is familiar with the concept of utilizing top-quality ingredients to produce a quality product and upkeep high standards.

With the rough cut version of “For the Love of Food” due on the 18th, the editing room in Willcox Hall is a second home for the team members. Whether on Zoom or sitting in 34B, the students have poured every ounce of time and energy into cooking up a perfect documentary.

During the weekly Tuesday night class session, the crew split up into small groups, once again, to tackle the never-ending task list.

The TV studio was occupied once again by our amazing animators. The team became professional cartographers while they studied the map of France to bring it to life on the big screen.

Inside the editing room, the students collaborated and debated on the endless files for the acts. When piecing together our narrative, we want to invite the audience to come experience farm-to-table. Our goal is to educate those who may be unfamiliar with the slow food movement and reveal how the source of a good dish comes from love and family.

Willcox Hall was fully taken away by the team, every floor being occupied by a section of the PaceDocs team. In the downstairs podcast room, Elizabeth worked on delivering the voice-over lines for the first act of the film. Professor Guarneri directed her as to how to utilize the inflections in her voice and enunciate certain words. With a majority of the interviews being in a foreign language (with subtitles, of course), the voice-over will help the story flow for audience members and deliver a clear message of the impact of the slow food movement.

Although class time may be over, our work never is. Throughout the week, the crew continued to make a home of Willcox 34B. A few of our dedicated editors took this phrase literally, as Wes, Adam, and Brittany set up camp and pulled an editing all-nighter.

The work the PaceDocs crew has been completing is another lifestyle. Each team member is required to stay tapped in, remaining in 24/7 contact with one another over Slack. There are headaches from staring at computer screens, paper cuts courtesy of the stack of interview papers, mental breakdowns, and endless other obstacles that the team has faced over the semester.

Why does the PaceDocs crew choose to do this work? Because, like the Parisian chefs, we are all dedicated to the art of providing an educational and fun experience for our audience.

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