“We are in the danger zone”, Professor Lou warned the team.

A portion of the crew gathered at our premiere site, the Jacob Burns Film Center, on this dreary Tuesday morning. Less than a week from our opening night, the PaceDocs team watched their creation on the big screen for the first time.

Though the team intends for the viewing experience for our audiences to be pleasurable and exciting, this morning was strictly business. The mission was to pick apart each ingredient of the documentary and note what aspects need improvement. Watching the film on a massive screen is extremely different than our humble home of Willcox Hall.

Being inside the movie theater, smaller mistakes became magnified. Certain areas, for example, audio, are significantly more noticeable when displayed on a larger platform. Throughout our viewing experience, the team fiercely typed notes and suggestions for the week’s work.

Once the house lights came on, the team got to work deliberating and comparing notes. Was the music too distracting? Can the audio be turned up in select interviews? Where can we input more breathing room?

One of the most noticeable changes has to be made to an extremely vital variable of the documentary: the subtitles. The cinema screen revealed that the text was far too low for viewers to focus on both the words and what was happening on the screen. Due to half the documentary being in a foreign language, we want to keep our audiences engaged and ensure that they understand the narrative.

Before parting ways, the crew made a list of what jobs needed to be tackled as soon as possible. The heat is turned all the way up in the kitchen as the team is fully tapped in.

If you haven’t already reserved your tickets to the documentary premiere of “For the Love of Food”, use the promo code: PACE23FREE for free tickets! A reception will be held at 6 PM in the Jane Peck Gallery at Jacob Burns Film Center, coffee and croissants will be served! The documentary will begin promptly at 7 PM. Following the film, there will be a Q&A session with the PaceDocs crew.

We can’t wait to see you there! Keep up with our final week on our social media pages!